Today Cyberspace is known as the fifth fighting domain. Under these circumstances, IT security is the most important issue that affects significant impact on your business and private life. But sometime improvement of security leads to a decrease in productivity at the same time. We are striving to provide advantages of using high-secure information systems without reducing the productivity for customers, using as Multimodal biometrics technology, credential authentication technology, PKI and encryption technology etc. Our advantage is not only integrating each element to customers systems but also developing combined solution of these technologies to solve customer's issue more effectively. In "Protection" segment, we are supplying middleware, library, system integration services, consultation services using these technologies to many customers, including many leading system integration companies and government agencies.
"Communication" is the most important aspect as a base of information system. Necessary information must be transmitted to correct location or person; such as important mail to make decision in your business, real time communication to corroborate with you remote colleagues, or something to convey your emotion. Also new mediums such as digital signage has become familiar and new technologies such as touch interface, motion capture and biometrics to improve intuitive and personalized communication has been evolved. We keep trying to improve "Communication" technology applying with latest unique innovation such as above.
Now we are living in growing and diversifying mobile communication environment. For example, we are using smart devices and NFC service on a daily basis. And information system is also growing by connecting network, and is changing to cloud computing. Under these circumstances, the importance of technology about "Connect" is increasing. For example, thinking about "XML" as basic language in cloud computing, it is necessary to know many related communication standards, protocols and platforms such as "SAML", "WS Security" etc. In the other, about particular device to connect the system to gather biometrics information, it is necessary to know many related biometrics standards and device protocols such as "CBEFF", "BioAPI"etc. Also we think NFC and related technologies are important technology that can access people to information system closely. We are focusing these "Connect" technologies, developing products and providing professional services.