I-D-E-A Platform products
What's I-D-E-A Platform

"Id/ Document Enrollment & Authentication Platform. "
IDEA series are platform products that provide workflow base to cooperate with business system and identity enrollment, authentication service for passport, national ID card and other this kind of systems as government and enterprise authentication basis. Has been developed based on SOA, this product combines the flexibility and scalability. Therefore, it is readily available to the authentication function to the various existing systems.

Feature of IDEA is that it is an integrated environment for necessary technologies for these systems like biometric authentication technology fingerprint, face, and voice, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), digital certificates, and digital signature. The interface can be used as a Web Service, each technology element is implemented as a service PKI, Biometrics, such as SMAL Authority behind it. For example, about using biometrics features, IDEA is fully compliant to the ISO19794 series, etc., and can be handled transparently biometric data without the need for expert knowledge of biometrics. Further, in this platform, it is also possible to add other engine and service needed by the customer to the configuration.