Begin the Future

Our company Cyberware provides services and products mainly based on IT technology keeping efforts so that we can offer the latest possible technology to our customers.

Technology is something dynamic that continues to grow as the time goes by. Although attention is given to current trends, it is never enough since contents of technology such as security, network, and accessibility to solve digital divides are getting deeper and wider every moment. Our significance is to catch this huge stream of technology and try with no fear to take risks to create things with real value which utilizes human being.

Through these actions, we wish to be helpful for our customers and to contribute widely to the society, protecting a place where people can keep creating and achieve dreams.

This is our mission, and why we are.


Technology to connect people and systems

Mobile environment in our daily lives has diversified, and within the cloud / IoT world with all kinds of sensor devices and information systems connected by network, we keep making effort to deepen our “Connection” technology to provide new solutions and professional services.

Technology to protect security

Security for information system is the most critical requirement that directly affects business crisis in an era like today defining cyberspace as a battlefield. However, improvement of security tends to sacrifice productivity, therefore we consider how to provide advantages safely without the defect.

We supply consultation, middleware, libraries, and core systems to SI companies by investing and developing “Protection” we achieve by combinations of several technologies such as encryption, PKI, and biometric authentication.

Technology to achieve innovative communications

“Communication” is the most important aspect as a base of information system. Necessary information must be transmitted to the correct location or person; that might be an important mail to make a decision in your business, real time communication to collaborate with your remote colleagues, or something to convey your emotion. We seize “Communication” technology from various aspects, mentioning intuitive “Communication” like digital signage and “Communicating” information from real world to internet by sensors or biometric authentication as some cases, to fulfill diverse requests.


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